Winter SPA weekend

The trip to Janów Podlaski was petty much planned, but completely unrelated to relaxing in a SPA hotel. It went completely different. I already briefly told you the story of the second day in the previous post, so now I will start from the beginning. We were going to visit friends who live nearby, but my distraction meant that I did not confirm the date and we couldn’t meet. But on the other hand we already had a non-refundable reservation at the hotel, with no chance of cancellation ;-). Of course, now I think it was a great time in a very charming place. We needed an extended weekend to give our bodies some rest.

The hotel looks very good, especially the castle – its main part. There are many accents of horses in the whole facility, which is perfectly understandable and I personally didn’t feel that it would be over decorated – maybe because I love horses 😉 I was under even greater impression of the venue, when we noticed photos in the long corridors leading to the wellness part, showing the story of the reconstruction of the building, which was raised on ruins hidden underground. I was impressed that someone saw the sense, and carried this investment. These corridors are a bit scary, but it is probably the best solution to get to the pool in a bathrobe and flip-flops, especially in winter, or simply to move between all buildings in general.

You know that I love all body treatments, especially massages. That’s why I would like to focus on the part of wellness and SPA, because how could I not check their offer 😉 The Hotel Zamek Biskupi Janów Podlaski cooperates with Dr Irena Eris as a beauty partner. I don’t know how to determine the relationship between the brands, because on the official website of Dr Irena Eris, there is no information about Beauty Partners, although they are located in several hotels in Poland. Well, it means that I have to choose one of three official SPA Hotels of this brand in the near future. It could probably be a summarizing sentence of the visit.

Only if I can, I try to prepare the body for treatments, since the morning, so I started with the hotel gym. My trainer would definitely be proud of me. The space, called the gym, is rather a “rough edge” of this place. Basing on the conditions found there, I conclude that guests, and even more so the service does not visit it too often! I am happy that I found at least a gym rubber band … and I managed to do my practice.

We spent a nice time in the swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas. However it is worth noting, when staying for a longer weekend, on Sunday you may meet quite a lot of guests from Janów Podlaski, families with children. So if you like to use the sauna area fully, according to the rules of the sauna savoir vivre, it is best to plan it during other days, and certainly beyond the high season.

In the evening I went to enjoy my treatment. At the beginning (as it usually happens), the therapist explained me the whole procedure. I signed the relevant documents, which really should take place at the reception. I wonder if I would be asked out if I could not sign the statement for any reason? SPA treatment room is a space of a very intimate nature, that’s why all stressful procedures should be dealt with before entering this zone. Finally I could comfortably lie down on the bed. At the very beginning, it seemed to me that there was too much light in the room, but I found that it is probably necessary for the first part of the Argan Body Ritual treatment, which also included the body scrub with sea salt. It was hard to believe that the lady who performed the procedure was in loudly flapping flip-flops. Their sound distracted me by every step! Fortunately, after the first “tortures” (let’s agree that peeling is rarely relaxing), she guessed to take off the shoes and let me enjoy the relaxation. Maybe you will think, that I am too stinging or demanding, but really I like when they are strongly focused on details in the SPA —> see the text! Such services are rather expensive, and they strongly touch our taboos. That’s why poorly selected music, lighting, distracting sounds, lack of constant contact between the therapist’s hands and the patient, are things that distract me or simply reduce my expected maximum of happiness.

The whole procedure was done correctly, but I was not true ritual. I paid 390 zlotys for the treatment, and I don’t regret, but I do not have the WOW effect. Invariably, my hearth belongs to MERA SPA in Sopot, which has set the bar so far at the highest level. The ritual in their SPA, from worm greeting, to a cup of green tea with a sea view, is pure perfection and this is their tremendous advantage. I hope it has not changed by now.

This time in the SPA competition 2018, the score is 0:1 for my husband’s home massage 😉

Stay tuned because soon new SPA relations will appear.

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