The Diary of a Giraffe – introduction

Thank you for all your messages. I am very happy when you let me know that you are on the other side and that you are reading.

It is still surprising to me how many girls – let’s agree that I will say girls even when thinking of mature women – still write about their complexes, at the same time thanking me for the motivation and increasing their self-esteem.

Because I know exactly how it is (you probably remember my post “My shoes, my business”) , I decided to start a new series of publications. They will be titled “The Diary of a Giraffe.” To prepare for it even better, I spent the last week reading Internet forums, from which I learned more about. The knowledge that many of you treat your wonderful high rise, as the biggest life burden, trauma, reason for closing yourself and all misfortunes, terrified me to the marrow of my bones. My anger reached the zenith, when I saw that in the sense of deep complexes associated with the increase, you are most often driven by the closest people, and what is worse, the women who are closest to you – mother, grandma or sister! It’s not right and I don’t agree on it!

Just to warm up, realize that no matter how tall you are, what counts is how big your heart is. There is always someone around who you, for whom you are just a tiny, helpless mouse 😉

And in a week, I invite you to the first (un)serious discussion and dissertation with the myths about the high growth of women.

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