Yoga – my new love

The next few days in the oasis of peace gone surprisingly fast. Of course, before I went there I had plenty of plans. I was going to write new texts, read some overdue books, etc. Guess how it ended … as usual, there was soooo much (not) to do 😉 ! And what I like to most, I had no remorse. Yoga in this respect is fantastic. It teaches you to listen to your body, deals with connection between the body and mind. If you feel like napping during the day, that means you should do it 😉 I couldn’t argue with my needs 😉

I’m a beginner, but many times I have been trying to practice yoga with videos from CD, youtoube, and even X-Box Kinect (some of you saw my IG story). I think it is a very good way to test this type of activity. The most important thing is to listen to the signals of your body and do nothing, I really mean NOTHING, to force yourself! Every teacher will tell you this! If you try and feel that this is what you are looking for, go for it and try this kind of vacation workshop. If you don’t feel it, this would be a pain for you.

Imagine that you are in a very quiet place in the middle of nothing. Without internet, television, radio. Lucky you have electricity and warm water 😉 The people who came here have mostly the same goal, to practice and relax. The first classes started at 8:00 am, lasted about 1 hour. We practiced Yoga Vinyasa, which consists of dynamic sequences that prepare the body and mind for daily activity. After 9:00 we had a group breakfast. The kitchen was pure vegetarian, so usually oatmeal or millet groats with fruit and different types of spices. Sounds bad, I know. I can say more, it does not look good, but fortunately it tastes better, and most importantly gives the results. We had variety of herbs to drink, I called it flower-water 😉 such as lemon balm, mint or camomile and mandatory healthy cereal coffee 😉

Following workshop activities were at noon, more precise than in the morning, consisting of sets of exercises that stretch, twist, massage or open different parts of the body. I don’t want to pretend to be ab expect so I give up original names of asanas – I’m not a yogin yet ;-D

Immediately after the class we were gathering at our favorite place for the desired lunch. I fell in love with baked aubergines and beetroot chops on my palate. I’m telling you, they looked like a meat done medium rare 😉 There was always some healthy soup, mains served with groats, rice or baked potatoes, plus fruit, cheesecake or crunchy fruit. A wealth of flavors, fresh herbs and ingenuity and … I don’t miss meat at all.

After the main meal we had the most time for ourselves. The best was a walk with a guiding dog around the area or sunbathing on the pier by the lake. I would never expect that anti-stressing adult colorings would absorb me so much. My ambition did not allow me to stop before I got the final result, which sometimes consumed several long hours.

Most of the participants did not touch their cars throughout the trip (we didn’t do so either). We stumbled into our yogic – rural world and really did not have a feel or need to go out of it.

The last meal was a book at 18:00 and a relaxing practice at 20:00. Lomi Lomi Nui message was just a perfect spoiling element before going to bed, but let it be a separate story 😉


Yoga holiday

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