White mouse

Here is the story of yesterday. I am in a local gocery store. I don’t like this place, I prefer shop for my grocery with a plan, but if I need something last minute, I have no choice.

I was at the gym, of course I am already hungry.

I was in a hurry, and all I needed was eggs, so I did not want to go on a trip into the shelves.

However, the store shelves are sorted so cleverly that I would get through all the colorful labels. And who knows, I might be tempted by something extra. I exercise my strong will, run to the end of the store to the cooling site and then suddenly … bang! A bird … flew above my had!

I made a strange move and I don’t trust myself in what I see. Unfortunately there is no one around me. Should I catch the little thing? Somehow I should have helped him, he doesn’t belong here.

I took the eggs and rush to the cashier. I come up, greet politely, give eggs to be checked out and say “you know, it’s a strange thing, but a moment ago a bird flew over my head in the other part of the store”, and he said

” Yeah, yeah, we have some white mice too.”


felt crazy! I was stuck. I looked at the man and I found no reason to persuade him to be right. I left the store and wondered if I really saw this bird.

You know what I mean!? With this goddamn nonchalance, self-confidence, and even dislike of myself, he killed me completely. I doubted what I saw. In fact, I doubted my values, because there was a small life in the need to be save as soon as possible.

I had a need to share this with you. I am still in shock and I hope that the bird was found and released.



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