Valentine’s gift

The love hit me unexpectedly like Cupid’s arrow – yeah, yeah, yeah! 
I have already written several texts about being in a relationship. About my approach to
caring for it. You can always look at them again in my archive or simply by clicking here:

What are the signs of crisis in the relationship?

How to be a better partner?

Do I really deserve? Yes you do! 

How to have common passions?

I mention them for a reason.

The commercials on TV, storefronts, hotel and restaurant offers,
cinema repertoires and newsletters, remind us of a dream about the true, crazy love. The one
with a spark that gets warm in the stomach, after which the bed still smells with the fire of
your bodies.

Today you can treat me like your love newsletter with one important message.

Maybe, instead of being in a hurry to book the last free table in a star restaurant, or loosing
you breath while running around the shops, in order to get an unique lingerie for this special
evening, think.

Can you look together deeply into your eyes, and tell each other that every
evening, every day, you give yourself friendship, honesty, respect, security and emotional
health, well-being, stability, acceptance, support in building self-esteem and selflessness?

Eventually, you may find that having a pizza in bed will be hot and spicy enough, and the
lingerie … eeehhhhh 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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