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Some of you know that every day I read and watch something developing of a minimum 30 minutes. I believe that this way I am feeding my mind with knowledge, new ideas, interesting stories and strategies that rise in my head to give result at the best moment.

I do it primarily because for myself. I observe my everyday behavior and changes that I take to make MYSELF better. Yes, I’m talking about myself and putting myself in the first place.

I understood that no one would ever care for me as much as I could do it myself.

I write my thoughts on the blog and share with you what shakes me up or gives me a lot to think of. Sometimes these are only inspirations. Anyway, of course, I throw here what I consider to be worth attention, because this is my blog ;-P

Today it will be about development and a bit about money.

For more than half a year, I have been involved in building a second source of income, in addition to full-time work, which I really like in contrast to 80% of people 😉 When I realized that financial independence is misunderstood in Poland, I decided to prove to myself and others that it can be achieved.

At the moment when I openly say that I don’t want to work for someone for the rest of my life, I just want to build my assets, people laugh. I met with reactions like: “yeah, yeah, I used to think like this” or “oh, you like to spend more money, your husband can afford?”, “you are still so young, life will show you independence, especially when children will appear”. Well, children do not “appear” themselves, and people with just a little bit of awareness know this perfectly. I have already written here about putting hands in my pants. I don’t lose energy anymore for such discussions. I know that money, as well as children, do not “appear” themselves, and I see very little chance for such a person to understand this fact 😉

So what is the financial independence certainly not?

Since you moved from your parents, you are working on your own and this is enough to live. This is wrong understanding. Your “honey” does businesses you don’t have a clue about. But you are free to spend time on pilates, you buy thirtieth pair of sandals with fur, and you go out for lunch to a restaurant with a pink bird in the logo, to have organic buffalo cheese. Well, you sculpt your future in not very noble material.

In fact, financial independence is a situation in which I have (I, not my partner) monthly financial income from my own capital. It has to works for me, an pay equal to the monthly cost of living or more. This is the moment when I can live without having to work. What do I do to achieve it, I will certainly describe with details in future posts or private correspondence with you. Now I would like to focus on the key to earning a lot of money, which is personal development.

Immediately after receiving the APP diploma, which you could read about in my previous post, I wanted to experience international training and went to an event with Tony Robbins.

Cases taken from his books are present in my life. In addition, after watching the movie “I’m not your Guru”, I became even more convinced to him. I was extremely curious, what can be taught to over 30 thousand people audience, from all around the world and how he will do it. In addition, I wanted to see the best-paid stage speaker in the world live. You need to admit that it sounds exciting! By the way, his performance is more expensive than Madonna’s concert.

It was an unbelievable event. One man, dressed in black, wrapped us all around the little finger.

The crowd was raging. We did everything that he wanted. And what’s more, I was delighted with it. I never expected that I would dance, jump, exercise my breath in the stands of a huge stadium. I wanted to remember every hint taken from life stories, to understand how to live the fullest and find a deeper purpose and meaning in my life.

Tony, not the first one, claims that the human mind can be “programmed”. He showed me the methods of programming my thinking about success through action. He taught me how to think about the possibility of achieving any results in life, only thanks to consistently putting right energy into everything that I am doing!

It wasn’t any secret knowledge, but the way it was given by Tony, simply folds into a logical whole. You’re probably laughing right now that I got caught up in some sect and I was hypnotized. However, think about it longer. How often do you hear that someone is succeeding, because he was born under a happy star? Or differently, that the wind always blows into the eyes of poor. We feed ourselves with such nonsense from a child and we don’t believe that our life is up to us. We blame ourselves for all sorts of circumstances that don’t matter.

Do you really believe that 13th Friday is unlucky? Or maybe you come back home and lock yourself on all possible locks when the black cat runs across your way? Maybe think about how lucky you were that this cat ran the way especially for you;-) Isn’t it better, instead of waiting for the unknown effect of superstition, just to make good use of such a wonderful day and do something?

I hear that speakers like this are cheaters!

They are smart sales people, who focus on the weakest units and prey on their naivety. Of course, I am convinced that they are great sellers. Tony Robbins is the best seller in the world. Would he achieve such success by doing all this in charity? Is his purpose to use people? Do you think that the problem is with the man who is being invited to cooperation by the world’s largest leaders and the greatest sports stars? Or it is with his listener who spent a lot of money for training or a course, thank he comes back home he throw several cool pictures from his trip to social media, and then does nothing? Now even look at the notes?

Of course, it is foolish to trust any mentor 100%, but we need to have such in our lives and to take for ourselves exactly what makes us better. You can bring a lot of good into your life by expanding your knowledge. Sometimes you will learn something that will be so personal and real that it will hurt you. And this is good, because development hurts! Do you have good effects after gym exercises that do not hurt?

I think that if you have the opportunity and, above all, willingness, it is worth participating in this type of training. Like Amen, I know that people who already have the power to change will benefit from it first of all. They just need a spark that will give them energy to act. For most, these type of seminars will end with excitement after the first two weeks, and then they will need to search the next to feel good.

Am I haunted? Am I exaggerating? Evaluate yourself.

Or maybe you want to go with me next year? I already have my ticket 😉



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