Thrilling task

Recently I heard that my blog matures and describes more and more serious topics in it. First I was laughing, but actually It was nice. Although in the voice of the person I heard a slight longing for a light text about the so-called “nothing”. This time it will also not be.

Today I wanted to describe you the task that I found when reading one of my long list of books for 2019. For more than half a year, the time that I give to reading or listening to audiobooks concerns my personal development. The exception will be the holiday reading. A sun lounger or beach towel doesn’t go along together with a moment of deep reflection or self-development. However, I don’t deny it – everyone does as he likes.

Returning to the task. I believe that since you are reading this text now, you have a moment for yourself and no one currently bothers you. It’s good, focus and make it to the end.

Get Ready!

Imagine that you are driving a car to the church. You get off. You see a lot of cars in the parking lot. Everyone is inside, so you go. There are a lot of people, however, the atmosphere is not happy. It is definitely not someone’s wedding. You go unnoticed on the carpet in the direction of the coffin you just saw. You come, look inside, and the one inside is YOU!

Yes, it’s your funeral. You turn around, look around on the benches and who do you see? Who will happen next to the altar and say a few words about you? Mom, dad, husband, boss, friend? What would you like to hear in their farewells?


I have to admit that the funeral and the thought of death are not terrifying for me, but I never thought of what would like to hear about myself and whom to see there. Who would speak?

What is this exercise supposed to give us?

Above all, self-awareness. Knowledge about the values ​​that are most important to us. Points by which we want to pursue our lives. We realize at what moment we are, what our goals are and how others see us.

The author also touches on a very important issue of the “vision of the end”. He wants to make us be aware that when you do something and know exactly why, your individual decisions will be aware and in the right direction. It encourages you to write a life mission that “… becomes a personal constitution, a basis for making important life decisions and a base for everyday decisions, made in the midst of emotions and circumstances that affect our lives.”

My mission is already being created, and what will be yours, do you already know?



Test of three filters

June, will be mine!