Think pink – my own, new lipstick.

I opened a tastefully packed gift with the “M” logo and read “Create your own lipstick project”. Seriously? Me, and own lipstick design? I know nothing about it. If someone makes me mix the colors, and then use it for my makeup, I will hurt myself. Another gift – a gadget – that will land in the drawer.

My attitude changed quickly when I read about LipLab’s professional cosmetics experience.

At the begining, I was surprised by the lovely candy interior. This place is made for women who love to surround themselves with things in all possible shades of pink and red.

The whole performance starts with an interview with information about data security and hand disinfection –  a big plus for this. Then for the first time in my life I did a lips peeling. A funny feeling, espetially as it smelled like raspberries, that I wanted to lick it instead. Another treatment is a moisturizing mask on the lips. It was very thick and completely clung to my lips and shut my mouth  for several minutes 😉

I had the choice of a lip gloss, a classic lipstick stick or a liquid lipstick. After consulting a professional, I went for the classics. However, there was a bigger di lemma in color. I know that I can have many lipsticks, but this one, my own, should be part of my personality.

I was tempted by some crazy, strong pink, or sexy red, and on the other hand I was concerned about the everyday possibility of using it. My common sense won,so I asked for something universal in shades of pink.

I went crazy when I could choose the taste and smell of my new lipstick.

I played with the small gold bottles back and forth. In the end I chose the chocolate aroma and the taste of raspberry truffle. Well, come on, isn’t that perfect combination of raspberry chocolate truffle …. Mmmm ?! The Lady started pouring oils, pigments, brighteners, fixatives, covers and scrupulously mixed, smoothed and rubbed. Before the cosmetic takes on the final shape, I tried lipstick and made minor corrections.

After final acceptance, the Expert of beautiful lips put the mass into a small jar. The lipstick was warmed up and then poured into the lipstick form in a liquid consistency. At the end, the form with lipstick went into the refrigerator for a few moments. I used this time to choose the packaging in which the stick was bound. However, the lipstick is not ready for use yet. It must wait 24 hours to be able to fulfill it’s task 100% 😉

The finale is to make a print of your lips on a special note, on which you can note the selected fragrance, taste and give the name of your new baby.

An individual visit to the salon takes about 30-40 minutes and it is a really great time. LipLab is a fantastic place for some girls gossip with attraction in the background. You can come here before the start of a long and crazy evening with girls, without catering and certainly without alcohol, which I appreciate very much.

Product quality?! I completely don’t consider myself an expert. However, I noticed a big difference in the durability of the lipstick compared to commercial brands. It kept very well even when I drank and ate during the day. Of course, I had to retouch the color, but it merged well with the existing layer. Above that, it moisturizes my lips very well.

In conclusion, I didn’t expect that I could have so much fun out of the lipstick making process, but I had! Secondly, besides experience, I didn’t count on a good quality product, but I got it. Thirdly, I never made gifts like a dream gift. I thought it was not very creative, and going on the easy way, but thanks to the one I got, I will be happy to use it and give to others.



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