The diary of a Giraffe – Part 2

I’ve been the tallest one since I remember. The highest in the family. I was not equal in the class, I was distinguished by the growth in the sports group and at everyother meeting. Luckily, I was born in a family who, instead of mocking me, like most around me, constantly supported me.

The closestones assured me that it’s a great thing and it’s good to be tall. I remember very well the visit of my beloved grandmother, who was very short and extremely wise. When she saw me after a year of break, during the holidays, she greeted me with the words “God is pulling you to heaven my girl, because he has a plan. Don’t resist him.”

It was not so nice at school.

On every class photo I had to stand in the last row and often on the corner. Everyone was lower, so it was not looking good to put me in the middle. In the school performances I could not play the princess, because a prince taller than me was hard to find. So I played a tree.

Now, as I think about it, I say that the greatest regret I should have to teachers, but I don’t. They were prepared for education in a system that severely limited their system of values. There was no question of building the self-confidence of a young person or even just a fairtreatment. They did what was always done! Nobody came up with the idea that if the child was standing behind in the previous picture, maybe this time it is worth to put them sitting in the front. Hardly any people came to think of reaching for others, foreign authorities and practices.

I can not ignore the fact that they wanted me to join the girlish basketball team, arguing this need with my height. I didn’t feel it at all. Only so that the teachers let me go, I agreed to several trainings that ended with a broken finger. I am not surprised by such a turn of events. I was forced to do something that every millimeter of my body didn’t want to do. Subconsciously, I defended myself against it, so my movements were awkward and uncoordinated. Not to mention taking over the ball or anyinitiative.
I wast attending a sports school and I knew that someform of competition was written for me. Eventually I found myself in badminton 🙂

Today, my conclusion is that one cannot be squeezed in to a worn frame. I was tall but only seemingly suited to the basket. Michael Jordan, on the other hand, was considered too low to play it at school, but his willingness and courage determined the timeless value of His Airness.

Consider. If you have one of the tallest children in the class. Talk to teachers. Diversity and abit of creativity on their part, will have a huge impact on the future.
Until today, I am standing at the end to a group photo, but only to consciously expose all valuable people who could behiding behind my back. I know that when it needs, my soul stands on the front, in the position of the leader.
At least it’s trying 🙂


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