Test of three filters

Today I have something interesting for you, which I memorized after one of the lectures at the university.

Have you ever heard about the test of three filters by Socrates?

By the way, it is amazing that a philosopher who lived in about 470 BC, preached the way it was so universal that it applies today. His thoughts work irrelevantly for age, sex, nationality or faith.

However, getting back to the point. I will try to bring you a story from which the principle of three filters is perfectly understandable.

A friend came to Socrates with important information about His student. He wanted to tell him as soon as possible, then Socrates stopped him and asked three additional questions.

1. Are you absolutely sure that what you want to tell me is true?

The answer was negative. He learned it from someone else.

2. Do you want to tell me something good about my student?

Here, too, his answer was negative.

3. Is what you want to say to me, useful for me?

As you probably guessed, for the third time he heard the answer: NO.

Socrates said: “If what you want to say, may not be true, it’s not good, or even useful for me, why should we talk about it at all?”

I hope you know what I want to say. Sometimes you have to hold the other person, but also yourself. Think about whether it is worth to pass the message through the filter of truth, goodness and usefulness. What you listen to, cannot be un-heard anymore. What you put in your head can be unnecessary burden for you.

By this walk to the beach, I get rid of my burdens. I breathe my head, I let the sea breeze ventilate my thoughts that I could not pass through the sieve. I make a place to think beautiful, good, useful, helpful and developing things.

This is how I want to think. This is how I want to live.



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