Take your time with a unique person

We have winter and there is nothing to complain about. We better think about what to do to enjoy this time. Last week the weather challenged us strongly. Cold, dark, wet, so the vitamin D has no chance of being produced.

Do we simply need to send the hormone of happiness on holiday? What do you do not to fall into depression? I know that energy drops come easy to some people. My last conversation with a very close person confirmed it. I sadly noticed of how difficult it was to lift someone up, who is far away, and we only have a phone.

One thing is sure,this particular time of the year, when it is gray and sad, it is getting dark early behind the window, it requires us to prepare effectively for self-defense against duskiness in mind and soul.

Just imagine, are you able to influence this? You cannot call the weather and ask for a change. Yes, you can put everything on one card and change the climate, go to another continent, but do you really want it? Do you have the money and enough courage?

As I wrote earlier about my rituals, I still think that the most important for yourwell-being, for the hygiene of your thoughts, are the little pleasures.

I have added to my list a cosmetic care, and my favorite fragrances. As soon as I have time, and even if I don’t, I stilltry to find a break for a hot bath. It doesn’t matter whether I’m alone or with him, but definitely it is with the soothing candlelight. There is never too much of candles. Of course, I need set them carefully, with attention to my two fluffy companions, whichare so unreasonable that they would easily get their mustaches on fire or turn into running torches.

I usually add salt or oil to the water. I do a bubble bath only when I really miss it. Most importantly, all needs to be in my favorite fragrances, and not toover-dry my already very dry skin. I found out, that with different brands moisturizer have a different meaning, so I try to be careful. I usually try to have several different fragrances, as my spontaneous choice depends on the mood.

The best fun begins afterthe bath. If I only can attract my beloved husband to it (mostly not difficult). He becomes my personal massage therapist, and give myself to his nimble hands. I hit a super massage oil that doesn’t stain. It works perfectly, it does not roll – if you know what I mean. It absorbs during massage, moisturizes, smells nicely, warms slightly, and when used while massage has anti-cellulite effect. But all this is completely unimportant. After such relaxation I am like a goddess. The skin is shining, my blood circulates and I feel calm.

Of course not every day is so idyllic. More often I forget to moisten the body, especially my lovely legs, than you can imagine. Tired, after a quick shower I go to a well deserved rest in bed, and usually the best places are already taken. My hubby is on one side of the bed, and two fluffy beasts on the other, so I can only slip as gently as I can and fall asleep, mostly forgetting to moisturize. Therefore, whenever I allow myself for a longer ritual, it must be a fragrant, and moisturizing bomb.

I also love to take care of my body and soul, practicing a relaxing yoga during lonely autumn and winter evenings. When there is no one home …. mmmmm I cann’t wait it. A mat, candles, incense sticks, my favorite relaxing music. Usually I search on Spotify for sounds of gongs, solfeggio sounds or the right mantra adjusted to my mood. Yoga exercises are not just about such sophisticated figures as standing on your head or putting your legs on your neck. It’s also a way of breathing, focusing, mastery of the mind, and the ability to spend time only with yourself.

No matter what will you desire for yourself. No matter what you like to do. Alone or in company.

The most important thing is that you learn to spoil yourself and relax without remorse. Don’t let yoursel fthink that it’s not worth doing, that it’s silly, that the housemates will laugh at you, that you are to cheap to light the candles, that you have no time for it, that anyway kids will not let you do that!

This is the time reserved for you and your pleasure. The others must respect it. Ask them for it.

At first it may only be 10, 15 minutes. Don’t give up. Next time it will be 20 min and in future 1 hour. You will see!! I guarantee it!


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