Horse farm and return to the past

I was just writing a post where I was going to share my latest SPA experience with you. I will try to do it tomorrow, because I wouldn’t forgive myself, if I didn’t tell you this story first 😉

On the second day of our stay in Janów Podlaski, despite a cool afternoon, we decided to visit the famous stud, existing since 1817. It specializes in breeding Arabian and Anglo-Arabian half-blood horses, and occupies an impressive area of 2,500 hectares. A security guard greeted us at the gate. We were polite and asked, if we can enter, is something is going on inside, is there a place to eat something in the are? Each question was answered “No, nothing is happening here. There is nothing”. We came in despite his answer, because we could see the horses from a distance, and if I can see horses, I have to say hello to themJ If you share a similar feeling for horses, you can’t miss the season opening at the Warsaw Horse Racetrack Służewiec on April 22. I can’t wait it.

OK let’s return to Janów, because what can make me more happy in the famous stud, apart from the view of the Arabian horses themselves. They were very used to contact with people, horses approached the fences with no fear. Some of them were very interested to see if the visitors are familiar or maybe someone brought a delicious sugar cubes. If it was a bit warmer, we would spend more time there, because even watching them gave me huge pleasure. I was happy to watch how they were provoking contact within themselves, love-making, jumps and joyful farting ;-D

We wanted to warm up somewhere and here was the biggest surprise for me, a small gastronomic point, to which we were groping – Gościniec Wygoda. I checked later on-line that they also offer accommodation. I have to explain my surprise to you. The building from the outside looks… awful, especially the bars in the windows.

After crossing the door straight from the Socialism, we found ourselves in a small room that had stopped in time. The place looked not very busy, almost empty. We most probably had surprise written on our faces, because one of the seven older people, probably guests, feasting at the largest table in the middle, looked at us and said, “Please, come in, sit down.” We were cold enough and hungry to agree to this hospitality. After a moment, there came to us a lady to present the menu. Typical Polish dishes at very low prices. There is nothing to say about the appearance of this menu, but it surely suited the interior “design” of the room, but why was it only in Polish? After all, in the oldest state horse stud, every year people come to the horse auctions not only from the country but also from abroad.

Auctions of horses reach astronomical amounts here. At the auction in 2015, a buyer from Switzerland bought a 10-year-old gray mare at a price of 1.4 million euros! Taking into consideration such events and the fact that horse breeders rather not belong to poor people, I would expect a place with a Michelin recommendation. But maybe then I would not write about it. Perhaps one event in a year is not able to provide this place with such interest throughout the year? And perhaps, what would be the saddest, even breeders of horses stop here too rarely, to make this place trying to win a race for bon ton? And maybe the hosts / housewives of this place are doing such a good job in their style, that curly-kale chips and Jerusalem artichoke pure are not needed here.

The place is strange, but the food home-made food, tasty and inexpensive (payment only in cash) and we felt really welcomed here – worth experiencing 😉

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