Back to work

In a few days of break between holidays 😉 I went back to work, to the white collar, heels, trousers and to the obvious in this set of knee socks. Then I remembered that I wanted to share with you my experience of wearing compressing knee socks, in this case 130 DEN.

Okay, well, each one of us has a them in the closet. I know they are not sexy at all, we even say they are best anti-rape protection, and I’m not surprised at all 😉 I have no idea why it’s not possible to decorate the top rubber with some pretty lace … For the first view, Veera products in this sense look like usual knee socks. However, they have other important asset for health. This is compression that prevents appearance of the varicose veins. Additionally this nylons have construction affecting the comfort and aesthetics. Once worn, you can feel quite strong pressure, which makes them stay in the place with no chance of slipping or wrinkling. At 130 DEN wearing them will be a challenge, but still much easier than the whole tights, as I already mentioned 😉

I remember an event, which I participated with a colleague. The level of relationship in this case is very important, because if she was my friend I would note that her knee socks wrinkled on the ankle. I could not focus on anything. I felt embarrassed, but anyway I still let it be, so I will for sure burn in hell for it. A girl of my age, with “grandma style” knee socks. Couldn’t she feel it? Without them, it would look much better, but I understand, there was quite cool temperature. And secondly how would I tell her? Telling that her knee-socks slipped away, would almost be like asking her not to rub her nose 😉

In these knee socks you don’t have to worry, they will not slide down, that’s it! They hold tight, but I can’t feel the rubber squeezing my knee like a bandage that blocks my blood. Opposite, they work the way so that blood is circulating in the legs as it should.

As I assume you keep your body in good physical condition. You are doing 10,000 steps every day, avoiding long standing or sitting, you rest and sleep with your legs slightly raised, and when you sit, you use your footrests to ease blood circulation. You don’t carry heavy things and you only wear two to four centimeters heels, because any higher would limit moves of calf muscles. You care for diet rich in fiber and vitamins, eliminating excessive salt use. So you have nothing to worry about. At 99% you will not have problems with varicose veins and leg pain 😉 I also try very hard, but I am not so conscientious.

In my family, fortunately, there are no genetic conditions for varicose veins, I am happy because I know that it is hard to win with genes. However, I realize that through my professional work I can just get them from my life as a gift. In addition I’m a woman and I am very tall, so I’m in a high risk group. Therefore, I try to minimize this risk and I think it is worth it.

But now I’m going to pack my bags, because yet on Saturday …. BARI !!!


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