The first time

I am the kind of person who comes up to all the wonderful products that are designed to make our lives easier with very limited trust. I have never bought any slimming pills, I avoid “light” or “2in1” products. 

The more I was not interested in buying preventive or healing pantyhose. First of all, I’m still too young and I do not have to think about it for the time being. Compression products, how bad does it sound, and it associates only with older people who have health problems. Secondly, how something made for preventive purposes, can be nice and sexy? It just does not match.

Today much less, but a few years ago pain in legs was with me every day. Mostly due to the work I performed, in which I stood sometimes 8-10 hours straight. On the way home I dreamed of a free place in the bus, and there was a tower stacked with pillows waiting for me home. Nothing helped. Sometimes I could not even sleep. The pain was gone in the morning, but I know that after another day it will be the same.

I didn’t know how to help myself. I never considered any pills, even when my head ached. For pills and chemistry I will still have time. Now I try to prevent or treat myself less invasively. My friend used to recommend me some sports compression bands. So I wore them only after work, because how I was supposed to present them with a skirt? Just hopeless. If one is unconscious, there is nothing like the pain of legs. If you have a standing job, your legs must hurt – for them it’s a clear thing! Veera, decided to convince me that I am very wrong. I chose the first products to check. My tests at work started from the weakest compression line, but I will tell you about it by the next occasion, as well as about differences in compression.

First of all I wanted to tell you about self-supporting stockings, although they were not an article of my most urgent need. I believe that they give a sense of femininity and improve mood – at least to me – when I know that I have a sexy lace on me. It’s like with a nice lingerie. Previously I wore them only occasionally. Usually on hot days at work, but as with most things I had the same problem. Often, the size I chose was probably too short for my legs, and the self-supporting part was not holding in place. Constantly I had to pull them up, go to the toilet and correct them.

I tested Veera stockings with the highest level of challenge 😉 I put them on for our friends’ wedding. First, It was hot, so I preferred to wear them rather than pantyhose. Second, the perfect opportunity to feel exceptionally sexy and beautiful. Third, the length and cut of the dress easily allowed me to do so. Fourth, I could not walk barefoot because I was pale as a wall, and my burn-scar still did not allow me for getting any suntan. I packed regular tights into my purse just in case. But my concerns were completely unnecessary. I danced the whole night without letting go of the wedding traditions. Train dances, spins, jumps, etc. My stockings did not even move. There were no meshes. Nothing happened to them. They are currently the only stockings I know, that really wear, I mean support themselves 😉 We’ll see if they stay the same after first washing?!


Warsaw bathed in the sun

My first birthday party