Beautiful LEGS

Do you recall my recent post about tights “Some love, others hate” ?! To my surprise, my request for your suggestion, was taken as a challenge by the brand Veera – Beautiful Legs .

At the first moment I was very positively surprised, but after a while I thought to myself that another brand of pantyhose creates itself as another “unique”.

At this point I have to admit that I thought stereotypically and under the influence of the previous failed purchase of compression-like tights. I read a little bit about the company and I admit that it made me interested. They explain very well on their website (here) how important the prevention is. I am familiar with the feeling of heaviness and tired legs. I would let cut my leg, that each of us suffered it more than once.

I like their funny and clever slogan “Squeeze (hug) beautifully” and their products look promising for 2legs2long to reach the goal of #MillionDollarLegs! I find myself convince to try 😉

Recently Veera invited me to meet with their experts to tell me more about the history of the brand, prevention and products. For my luck, the company is based in the outskirts of Warsaw, only a few minutes drive from me, so I was more than happy to take advantage of the invitation.

First of all, I did not expect to meet as many as 5 people with, including the owner of the company.

Everyone I met looked very involved. There was no question that could make them difficult. They are very experienced and confident of their products, and the family atmosphere was quickly granted to visitors. Basia – woman volcano. She knows the job and has been not a freshman for this company.

She pulled out the products one by one, told us about construction, types of pressure, asked us some tricky questions to find out our knowledge about tights. We stretched, tugged, scratched, and for the next time we agreed to look and compare the pantyhose under the microscope. I am very curious, because the differences for the layman can only be seen there, and in addition I did not look through the microscope since long time ago 😉

The meeting was a great decision!

Veera won my legs, which I have already pressed into the first tights. Will Veera win my heart? Sure I will tell you about it.


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