A little bit of childish joy & Sandomierz

I try all my texts to have content that will bring some value into your life, or at least will expose some value from mine 🙂

But, sometimes, I wonder what really means value and whether it can be provided by a bit of childish joy. After many years, I returned memories of the time when I was a little girl with a braid, and I visited my beloved grandma. We walked on the meadows, we fed ducks, I even wanted to wash cows, because they were like all other “pets” for me!

This field of poppies just called me and let me be this little girl again for a while. Unfortunately, since a long time my grandma is not with me anymore, but It gave me so beautiful memories of her.

I wanted to write to you about Sandomierz, but please tell me, which little girl would choose a story about Sandomierz over fun in such a field :)? If you have not been yet – come and see my movie.

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