Imperfections amendment

Holy cow where do I begin ….

Because on my Instagram I was not showing my face, all the time I was trying also not to show my other distinguishing marks, and more specifically – tattoos. Especially one, which I am not exceptionally keen for. We all know that tattoo is one of the most recognizable accents on the human body. I got one of them on the ankle of right leg, and unfortunately, basically from the beginning I wish I wouldn’t have it.

Photo: Twoja Sesja

I did it several years ago. I wanted to cover previous tattoo, but it came out worse than I expected. I covered a small, subtle rubella with an unprofessional “stamp”, which I am currently tired with, since 15 years. I will start my transformation with another cover 😉

I would only like to add that you should think twice what to tattoo, on what part of the body, and by whom. Pain of taking a tattoo is a pleasant tickling compared to the pain of hell, that will accompany you after each session of laser removal.

Outfit/Dress: Joanna Organiściak

Interior: H15 Boutique Hotel


Laser Round II