A real winter in Polish Mountains

Mieliśmy szczęście, gdyż wspólny Zakopiański wypad mogliśmy niemal całkowicie oddać w ręce naszych towarzyszy. Ich doświadczenie pozwoliło nam zobaczyć to co najlepsze bez przewodników i nie na chybił – trafił.

This year I lost my hope for having real winter. This season isn’t anything sexy when you are staying in a crowded city all the time, and the more spending the most of time at work. It usually creates unnecessary problems – traffic jams, need to remove the snow from everything, snow mud, it’s just awful.

We were very lucky, because our companions are much more experienced in mountains trip, so we could enjoy and see all the best places, without guides, and we were sure we are not missing anything we should see.

From the very first minutes of arrival we didn’t want to waste any of our time, so walked through Rusinowa Polana. The route is quite narrow, but extremely charming. In the good company, we could enjoy the sound of snow creaking under the shoes, frost, which gently painted our noses and cheeks in pink, and the sound of silence surrounded by trees decorated with white fluff. A person like me, taken out of the concrete city would like to absorb every inch of the landscape. We didn’t the low temperature. The fluffy snow surrounded us with its magic tricks, and invited us to the world that you want more and more!

The next day during breakfast, we set up our plan taking into account the weather conditions. Because it was quite cold and it was more snowing than sun shining, we chose Dolina Kościeliska. We got to the Kościelisko Kiry parking lot by car. It is right at the beginning of the route. The way was much wider and longer. It was also much more comfortable for taking pictures, so we used this opportunity, and for this reason significantly extended the time spent on the route. At the end, at the PTTK Ornak hostel, there was some delicious mulled wine and apple pie waiting for us as our reward. I had a felt there like in my childhood. I remember the trails full of school trips and kids, for whom the most important was to get a stamp from the PTTK hostel. This time it was as crowded as it used to be year ago, only the reason of visiting was completely different 😉 No one cared about the snow melted on the floor, the aesthetics of serving dishes, or that to pay by card was not possible. It was homely, warm and delicious.

As if we did not have enough attractions, in the evening we went on a sleigh ride, with torches, tea with some extra voltage, bonfire and sausages and highlander songs. It was a fantastic time when we kept holding smile on our faces, and thinking how beautiful the nature is.

The third day greeted us with a wonderful sun since the early morning. The decision was unanimous – Morskie Oko.

You will probably say that this is the most banal point on the map of Polish mountains. Yes, it’s very popular, but I was there for the first time and I will definitely come back as soon as it will be warmer! I have heard a lot of negative reviews about this place in the summer. Noise, crowds, asphalt road full of “Sloppy Joes” – I am not meaning the sandwich type 🙂 – wearing sandals, littering, bathing in the pond despite the ban, throwing coins for “luck”, overloaded horse carts, which in fact strongly curves the reality of real tourist’s mountain trips. I don’t really mean the four of us. We are amateurs in this matter, but fortunately with high culture and respect for nature. I have the feeling that winter is governed by different laws and we have not experienced such a bad things on the way. The road covered with snow reminded only a comfortable, wide trail. Somehow, there also less people, I guess not everyone is crazy to go out for a few hours walk in the cold.

The pond was frozen and completely covered with snow, and it was a wonderful unusual view, which of course didn’t allow to bath in it 🙂 but there were some extremes going out on the ice.

The landscapes were beautiful, the route is not very fast, but I sincerely suggest to do it on foot, which gives a great satisfaction. Of course, the locals are prepared with helping facilities that I don’t agree with – horse carts and sleighs. Although I have been in the countryside with animals since I was a child, I know what a horse is used for and what power it has, but I will never know how many courses the horse is doing here per day and whether it is beyond it’s strength. I know that it is possible and fun to avoid it, especially using the example of our men, who saved some health and power, even after the long trip, for the evening snowboarding in Male Ciche. Meanwhile, we had some pleasure, and spoiled our senses with home-made specialties and mulled wine at “Gospoda u Olejorzy”, at the upper station of the ski lift. The ladies who hosted us there, deserve the greatest compliments. Wonderful, warm, joyful girls, which should be taken as a service example by all the places in Zakopane, and especially – for god’s sake – Krupówki.

We spent 5 days in the Tatras. I could write and admire the snowy land without much more. I do not intend to put up the beauty of Poland more than necessary, nor to compare it to other similar places in the world, but it is worth knowing “yours” to have YOUR OWN opinion and favorites. I put Tatra Mountains on my list.

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