My bag

It seems that we can all agree, that you can find almost everything in woman’s handbag. That’s true, but every thrown thing, at least to my purse, has a strategic role. If it’s there, it means that is has to be there! Anyway I try to adjust the bag to the content or the content to the bag. First, I don’t want to look ridiculous with overloaded “trash bag”, and second, that I don’t want to destroy my purse – my treasure.
Men joke about our bags, but let’s see how many times we saved their lifes with our hair barrette, clippers or nail file. I even happened to stem the bleeding from a cut man’s arm with a sanitary pad! So gentlemen “respect” please, because we may stop holding your keys and wallets in our handbags. Besides, you must know that ladies handbag, in its original version was invented for you.
History of bags starts from medieval male purses, pinned to a belt. A lot has changed since then. Men are not used to use bags anymore 🙂 and have the problem to find even a packet of tissues without our help. In general, to say to the man “find something in my purse,” it is the same type of nail in the coffin as “go figure” 🙂

In my daily bag:
1. Wallet: I need to add – chic wallet. I hate to see somebody’s wallet stuffed with receipts, photographs, sticky notes, the way that one cannot even close it. Ah, and yet these sports, dirty “something” with a velcro closure. I do not even call this wallet – it’s prohibited! Many times I needed to help to collect the garbage, that have fallen from my firend’s wallet, while paying the bill. It should be in order. One quick look inside and I know that each card, document, etc. is in place. I encourage you to hold some cash (I am still not very good with it). Although in most places you can pay by credit card without limits, it is always better to feel comfortable and avoid embarrassing situations. A tip for a valet, a waiter or receptionist is always a nice gesture.
2. Pen: nice, decent and good quality. It is better to invest in one, than to keep some plastic “gadgets” completely unrelated with us. Fountain Pen, of course very elegant and demanding extraordinary maturity of the user. I would love my calligraphic abilities allow me to use it. Unfortunately, the fountain pen is much more risky to keep in the purse, because of the higher chance of ink spillage. I don’t take this risk.
3. Tissues: it is an absolute necessity! Doesn’t matter if I have a cold or not! The wipes are not only to my nose. If I am before an important meeting and noticed a large stain on the shoe…, I always remember to have them! Sometimes I have wet wipes, and even anti-bacterial gel, but it is not a priority. I wash my hands very often, and gel makes me feel like I still had something strange on my hands.
4. Painkillers: no one likes it when something hurts, and I cannot predict when it will happen. I always have those, that are always effective, not only for me.
5. Hair clip or rubber: I think there is no need to explain 😉
6. Beauty kit with mini products: mirror, safety pin, lip gloss + protective lipstick. Black eyeliner, nail file and clippers, tampons and pads, hand cream, clear nail polish – survival solution, and instead of spare tights.
7. Favorite perfume: my fragrance is my business card. I love to have a scent that makes me feel dressed, and when my close ones can say, that I just showed up even though they have not seen me 😉

8. Sunglasses, necessarily secured with case, not to destroy my faves. I have sunglasses with me even in the winter. I like the sun, but I don’t like squint, smudge makeup, or shedding tears.
9. Pendrive: I currently have even 2. I always have something to rip, store, transfer or share.
10. Mobile phone: a clear thing, and sometimes even two – business. I try to make them clean, in a protective case, with no trace of powder on the display. I do not carry charger, but the power bank is useful. Recently I added the set of wireless headphones. When it looks like a longer conversation, it is more convenient to switch to the headphones, and not only behind the wheel. I have the hands free, which don’t freeze, and I can do anything else than hold the phone. By the way I really like to surround myself with top quality sound.
11. Cloth bag for small purchases: I am conscious and modest woman. I care about the environment and I don’t spend money foolishly.
12. Optional things like bottle of water, emergency snack + keys.
13. Recently I had to organize a new place for toothbrush and toothpaste (I wear braces, so people with “wires” know what I mean).

Many girls have a lot of bags and match their outfits to them. Bags are the base and give the whole look a unique character. Others wear one and only favorite purse, and remain faithful to the last moment. They hand it on to daughter and who knows, maybe granddaughter 😉 So far I am still looking for the one, which I would like to die with. No matter what, I keep moderate order in each of them. Every now and then I do an overview and get rid of unnecessary things. I take care also about it’s internal look and details, so I could freely reach inside in the company. I think that accessories of good quality are always a showcase of women with style. Therefore I would not be myself if I did not chose properly my treasures 🙂
For Women’s Day I spoiled myself with such a golden wonders. They fit perfectly with golden details of my bag, aren’t they?

How about your bags? Do you have some valuable hints for me?

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