OK, I made the decision. I start my mission #milliondollarlegs. By the way, this is my first post translated to English.

My legs are my treasure, they are long and beautiful (and I’m modest), at least some say so :-). But they are not perfect. To motivate myself to action I decided to start reporting my efforts in order to obtain an effect of legs which are flawless, break hearts and crush ice. I am open to any suggestions, advice of best practice, and ways of care, products, procedures, etc.

Of course, at the beginning, this process requires me to show you all of my imperfections, which irritate me and which I do not accept since a long time, but you will find it in a separate post.

How do you think, what I should do first?

Photo/MUA: Twoja Sesja

Outfit:/Body: Gosia Strojek

Interior: H15 Boutique Hotel

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