Monthly SPA review – Zamek Topacz

You ask for a charming place where we spent two days on the way back from Zakopane. Some of you perfectly recognized this venue in my insta stories. It was Zamek Topacz, which was on my bucket list for a long time. Im fond of Wrocław, additionally the nature and surroundings of the Castle brought me fantastic memories of our wedding, which we organized in the nearby Palac Wojanow.

I love this type of places. I appreciate their intimate, unique atmosphere, peace and quiet, and beautiful surroundings. There is a reason that this type of places are characterized as “unieque” in the search categories. If I choose a SPA, I expect the highest quality and understanding of my need for relaxation. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable with the amount of children around me, playing joyfully, whithout any control of their parents. I think that even every loving mother, who has found a moment of silence only for herself, knows what I mean. The boutique ART SPA handles this perfectly.
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Of course, I had to try out on my skin their original composition of massage oil 😉 I planned a gentle relaxing massage, but as usual, I told the therapist that I liked strong ppression and I need to be honest, she kicked my ass. She paid special attention to my upper back and shoulders, where ther stress cumulates the most. I think stress will not come back to my shoulders for a long time, because it will be afraid 🙂

The interiors of the SPA, as in the whole venue, are stylized with care of the smallest details. The staff is very well prepared in terms of content and sales. However, most importantly, they are ready to advise against the treatment you insist on, or which is more profitable than others, if it’s not right for you. In my case, they also showed flexibility when all dates were occupied. I really wanted a massage, so the therapist came especially for me before her working hours.

I like the most when I can spend any amount of time in the relaxation room after the treatment. The one in ART SPA was well isolated, had a great selection of books and delicious tea. To evaluate the whole experience, I would give a note to the electrifying first touch with cold hands, and that these hands were taken my body during the procedure, leaving me alone for few moments. However, I was promised that when I come again, and I will definitely come, my treatment will be absolutely perfect.

I didn’t have much time, so I chose one of the basic massages and I think it was worth every of 190 PLN I paid for it 🙂 The menu had many richer or very rich rituals for ladies, gentlemen and couples, eg joint massages and baths, but for those I will have to wait until the next time.

I can’t forget the great cuisine in two different editions. One restaurant is located in the Castle and the other in the Granary. Both are distinguished by Gault & Millau. Both have a regular and tasting menu, taking into account the taste preferences, ingredients exclusion and guest allergy – great! If you use this option sometimes, for example during Restaurant Week in the fine dining version, and compare, you will find that tasting prices are very decent here, and the cuisine is very sophisticated, the flavors, their combinations and the appearance especially desserts, is very surprising. Each dish is simply a small piece of art. The Granary is more “homely”, but equally tasty and elegant.

And a private museum of motorization! You can see iconic Polish vehicles here: WSK, MOJ, Sokol or Perkun. There are also German motorcycles from the time of World War II. Whoever visits my blog, knows that I am very familiar the motorization – I died from the impression when I saw a combination of antique white Rolls Royce with the “Moda Polska” neon in the background, not to mention extras, old phones or cameras on the sites.
In a word, such a SPA for the body, eyes, soul and tummy 😛

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