Laser Round II

I need to share with you promptly, that I have done what I said yesterday. I carried out a second set of laser removal/ brightening of my tattoo. This is not that I do not like tattoos, because opposite I really do like them. Simply I never loved this one, and frankly, even I am surprised that this relationship has survived so long 🙂 I experienced my first session in June, and I was swearing at what the world is, and, above all, the one who did this “piece of art” on my leg. My old tattoo is about 12cm, and as mentioned it was made with a bandit, home method. It was unclear and very dark.

Since tatoo is not large, luckily the treatment was short, maybe about two minutes. Fact, that the tattoo was already lightened before, today’s treatment was slightly less painful than the last time. Probably due to the fact that a smaller amount of ink, literally exploded under my skin. However I would like to note, that still pain of laser treatment is disaaaaaaaster! I don’ t know words to describe it. I would compare it to shots with a rubber band performed several times in the same place. The feeling of deep stitching is very unpleasant. After all, compress and bandage is the only moment of relief.

The real “fun” beging after several minutes, when you start to feel again even more discomfort. I don’t know how to physically explain these reactions. From time to time I feel the same painful “electric” impulse, which makes me bouncing on the seat. After the procedure, the place is hot, red, swollen and throbbing. For the first day you cannot pull off the bandage. I suffer, but I realize that this is only a temporary pain, that can fix my error of youth. I don’t know, and also the doctors cannot assess, how many treatments do I need to take in order to completely remove the tattoo, and what kind of wounds may remain. This issue is considered very individually, but my Doctor says my wounds heal very well and quickly.

The only thing I know is that I don’t have to bother with the thing that I don’t like, or I treat as a reason for shame, as I did so far. I hope that my plan for the removal is already behind me. But this will be evaluated by my tattooer, as soon as my leg is healed after today’s session. That is in about 2 – 3 months.

I can’t wait it 🙂

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