June, will be mine!

Hi everybody! Here I am, I’m alive, I’m back. Well, yes, I overestimated my strength. I took too many activities on my head and failed the discipline of systematically writing texts on the blog. However, I feel that I am returning to normal, and even more, I have the impression that I am coming stronger.

 June is definitelly my month.

I love it and not only because of my birthday. The most important things in my life usually happen in June. I was born, I met my husband, I graduated my Master degree , I got married, I started writing a blog, recently I even changed jobs in June. This year it will also be four weeks of changes, events, challenges, turns and breakthroughs 😉 It sounds scary, but I cannot wait.

The first week I am going with a group of friends for a huge business and educational event in Germany. I will of course report on Instagram, and I will do my best to write a separate post.

Then I have to final event at the Academy of Leadership Psychology. I passed the exam with 92% score, I finished the diploma thesis before the deadline, so I just have to pick up my diploma and celebrate.

I will always associate June with the end of the school year. It is a positive association because I am ambitious and urgent. I have never had any corrections in June, additional credits to get a higher grade or average. Now it was the same, I did not care only for obtaining an additional diploma. It was about getting new knowledge, self-fulfillment, my own satisfaction. I wanted to feel that I am here and now, because it is my hard-earned place. Prove myself that everything that happens is for me, and is caused by the sum of my good choices.

In June, the outer world strongly asks for my presence. I would like to satisfy it’s desires 😉 Looking now in my calendar, I feel that I will become overactive. I will attend one wedding, two round anniversaries, two trips, a half-year summary at work and will make some very important decisions.

During this time I will make myself happy

… with strawberries! It’s a treasure for our veins and arteries, which I missed completely last year. Now I will not let it happen 😉 Even today I will make a simple, delicious summer dessert!

I have a good start and I am really good at thinking that I will do everything I have decided. Because I can – it’s just a matter of time and discipline 😉

 P.S. Is overdose of vitamin D possible?



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