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Polish wedding. How many associations are hidden behind it. From my experience, it seems that usually people who have gone through this unique event in their own lives, now they would do it differently. I’m not a fan of this type of events, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Personally, I was maybe on two really successful weddings. And this is not about my opinion, but I’ll come back to it later. Of course, when accepting an invitation, we assume that the young couple who were inviting us would really care about it, and our presence would give them great pleasure. We respect their contribution to preparation and try to be good guests 😉 The exception is “oczepiny” – a certain kind of wedding entertainment, mostly including stupid disguise and pseudo-erotic games, which I sincerely hate and never take part. I am ready to scratch the eyes of every cheerfully drunk uncle, with a mustache, who is wearing a short-sleeved shirt, who would be delighted to catch the young girls here or pat there, in the way to fulfill his erotomaniac – storyteller fantasies.

You have probably seen the film “Wedding Crushers” 😉 I am the complete opposite, but I respect that there are people who love this type of events. This group of people can stop reading at this moment, because for them the remaining part will be a lot of nonsense.

I would like to encourage you for a reflection.

You remember my post “Why do I have to? How to fight it?” The situation in which you are planning your wedding and the huge reception, but you are not convinced by it. This associates with it very much. There is some kind of pressure when parents and grandparents give half of the money, so you’re afraid to say what you really think or you just have nothing to say. Then it is good to sit calmly with your future husband, take the card and divide it in half. Write your pros and cons. If you see more on the negative side, then think about whether there is no other way, especially when it comes to money. After all, no one says that, you could not have wedding without a sumptuous reception. A wedding, in which you are the most important to yourself, not someone you should invite. The wedding, which is supposed to be a start for you, a new opening, which you remember every day after waking up and looking into his eyes. Not every month looking at your bank account, when the next installment of the loan for the wedding disappears.

This is the moment when I should tell you mine, actually our story.

Long time ago… 😉

We both knew that when we last until our wedding and, we will do something different. We were far away of the madness, complaining guests (there will always be some, and some of them will hold until the end with the gift to empty half the envelope prepared for you, because they didn’t like the soup), tactless entertainment, and above all the stress that in particular affects the young couple.

First of all, we wanted to have fun this day. Pass it through with no stress, if we had enough potatoes and onions for the cook, if we had enough gigs for people stopping to greet us, if someone is not offended that we offered him a place in the wrong company or that we didn’t drink cheers with someone, with a glass full of water to simulate real drink 😉 We wanted to be there and share this day with our loved ones. We didn’t want to stick a smile and pretend in front of an aunty, whom we have not seen for 15 years, and she even confuses our names when greeting us.

We set the number of 14 people together with us and we started searching for a unique place. We sent inquiries to a few special venues and we didn’t call our ceremony a wedding reception. The date was not a priority, but anyway it was necessary to book at least six months ahead, especially since the place was located quite far from where everybody lived.

We set all details by e-mail, and we signed the contract with the Palac Wojanow on the way back from the winter snowboarding vacation. The church formalities were much longer than our event preparations, which we handed over almost entirely to the hotel. We were exceptional guests, which accepted almost everything we were offered.

Only in the matter of the dress, I was the same little girl who dreamed about a special day and a wonderful princess look. I didn’t give up on this, but I didn’t also invest in my own. I rented a dress in which I fell in love at the first sight. I planned a maximum of 5 days for searching, and the third day I was already decided. I had a hairdresser booked on-line, I didn’t do any trial hairdo. I sent a hairdresser’s a desired photo and I didn’t use the word “wedding” even once, which would probably add 70% – 100% to the standard price. This picture is the only one I can show you 😉

We had fun for 3 days. Our loved ones spontaneously made us a joint bachelorette / stag evening, the next day we had a great all night long wedding dinner, and the next day we spent relaxing in the spa and chatting late in the evening by the fireplace and billiards.

After all, almost the whole group went on a few-day trip to Prague, so we finally celebrated almost a week.

Of course, the parent’s opinion was important to us. We didn’t want to disappoint them, but when we honestly explained our decisions and plans, they accepted them … almost unanimously 😉 I will tell you more, after all, when it’s already 8 after, they still remember our wedding as one of the best events ever. Today, everyone who was present, cannot wait for our round anniversary to repeat it.

Less than a week after our return, we made one more party for friends and cousins with whom we had the best relations, and it was app 60 people. We all had a great time in a club, where the only wedding accent was our strictly selected photos on the screen ;-P

It is worth being honest and following what you want.

If you dream of a romantic wedding only with the best maid and man, at the seaside – do it!

Or maybe you have some other fantastic ideas that I cannot imagine, do not hesitate! Public opinions and traditional influences can be changed. You don’t have to do it like everyone else. I – We did not do it and it was a great decision that I can now quote on my blog, of which I never even dream about before!



  1. Ja mam wrażenie, że ostatnio demonizuje się wielkie weslea i każdy ma do tego jakieś ale. Ja opowiem o swojej perspektywie. Nasze wesele było przygotowane na 270 osób i wszyscy bawiliśmy się świetnie. Impreza równiez trwała od soboty do poniedziału i nadal nasi goście wspominają, że było to super wesele.
    Wydaje mi się że tutaj liczba gości czy formalności mają najmniejsze znaczenie, najważniejsze jest nastawienie 😊

  2. Marta, bardzo się cieszę, że Twoje wesele było udane i mogłaś zrobić wszystko zgodnie ze swoim marzeniem.
    Nie chce nic demonizować, bo imprezy na 500 osób też mogą być świetne. Wiem, też, że sporo osób boryka się z niechcianą imprezą szczególnie ze względu na rodzinę. Zachęcam, do wyszukania innego rozwiązania i tyle 😉 A nastawienie, oczywiście, jest ważne w każdej dziedzinie 😉 Pozdrawiam!

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