What are the signs of crisis in the relationship?

We all know that if something doesn’t work out in private life, other things usually collapse to. Stress usually has a negative outcome, although I have read more than one article about its positive impact on people.

Let’s focus on the first signs of problems in the relationship.

As I mentioned in the first sentence, private life is reflected in business. Unfortunately, it works both ways.

Failures, excess of duties, huge commitment and dedication result in the partner’s negligence. At the beginning, we count on understanding, but we cannot delude ourselves that the situation may last very long. Lack of time offered to the other person is a silent killer.

You start to blame each other for unfulfilled duties at home, about care of children, etc. It is worth paying attention to this and not focusing on finding the guilty. Maybe it’s better to prepare a well thought out plan for the next week, which will help to avoid similar situations.

As you prepare your plan of responsibilities, talk about the home budget. Money, after cheating, is one of the most common reasons for falling apart. In many relationships at a deeper level of consciousness, money equals power, and power means control. Would you find yourself comfortable this way?

Another negligence that can be worrying is the lack of sex. The closeness of two loving people is important. Showing mutual affection, gestures, words and deeds is an integral part of being together. If you let your children to the bedroom, a laptop – because you have to get the work done, or you immediately fall asleep, when put your head to the pillow, think about the thoughts that may come to the head of your partner. Maybe in the first months he will tell you nothing about it, but then don’t be surprised that there are problems.

Be vigilant and don’t let yourself destroy your relationship.

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