Investments that give returns throughout life

Not long time ago I told to you I was a happy student at the Academy of Leadership Psychology. Today I am proud to say that I am a satisfied graduate of the Academy.

On 15/06/2019 the were the last lectures together with final diplomas handing ceremonial. The event was organized at the headquarters of the Polish Business Council Club – Sobańskich Palace, under care of the creator, founder and program director – Jacek Santorski. The lofty atmosphere was not only visible, but also felt in every look on the participants and lecturers.

What is interesting in this school?

The key issue is the selection of students. I can honestly congratulate this skill, I suspect, mainly to Jarek Szulski, who cooperates directly with Jacek.

This year, we were in a group of about 80 people. Age doesn’t matter. What counts is willingness, commitment, openness of mind to change and to people. Participants have abstractly different backgrounds. There were owners of private businesses, successors of family businesses, directors and experienced managers of international corporations, people who are being prepared for promotion regardless of the industry and the scale of business.

What do the lectures look like?

My guess is that as a participant of the 9th edition, I had the pleasure to use and evaluate the effects of many years of experience, corrections and efforts of the founders. Each edition is still evaluated based on feedback from students.

We were divided into 7 groups, each of about 10 people. Why do I mention this? If you think that you can “slip” as an anonymous listener, I assure you that, first of all, you are an idiot who waste the time and money of anyone who has invested in you. If it’s your money, then it’s just stupid, and if it’s your employer, it’s stupid and dishonest. The second is that the commitment to the relationship and development of each student is simply so big.

The entire study program includes 7 weekend sessions (from Friday to Sunday). On Friday the whole group together (at the University of Technology), we were getting a large dose of knowledge, which was the introduction to work over the next day. Saturday – often more than 10 hours of workshop in a small groups. The coaches were suitably selected for groups and remained with their groups throughout the entire cycle.

After such a day, I was coming back home like after a marathon. This always was the most intense part of the whole weekend. There’s was circus happening in my head after this. My feelings raged, from euphoria to total melancholy. One exercise was particularly strong for me, and I already shared it with you HERE.

I learned a lot about myself.

Every next Saturday was a surprise. We, as a group got to know each other better. We have noticed our strengths and weaknesses. We reached our dead points, which we pressed into the farthest corner of memories. We came together to discover our deflections, which we normally did not pay attention to, and which in many cases made us disadvantageous. As I read this sentence above, I don’t even feel that I am giving you something extraordinary, although I know that it was amazing. I think that if I wanted to describe the experience of a live session with Tony Robbins, it would be the same – you just have to go through to appreciate. Although I can give it a try next weekend 😉

Sunday was much lighter.

Whoever still had some power after first two days, arrived at 9:00 AM, could even invite an accompanying person. Sundays were the icing on the cake for me. I am sory for those who have not found enough motivation to come. I had to give up one Sunday and I feel embarrassed at the thought of it. The more I appreciated later each subsequent Sunday and each subsequent invitation to additional classes on Fridays. To all of them I was inviting guests. Inspiring lectures with the participation of special guests, gave me the meaning and summary of the two previous days.

Before each consecutive weekend, we prepared short essays that referred to our experience using the acquired knowledge in practice. The finale was a written test on the penultimate classes, and the final individual diploma thesis. This is of course only a small fraction of what I could tell you. Let it be a surprise for future participants 😉

The fee for participation is something that you could notice in your budget;) approx. PLN 25,000 gross, but it is said that knowledge is the only value, for which you can pay even more than you earn. I think it’s the best money invested in my life so far. I had the first effects of my education already after the first classes. I know more, I see more and I want more. I have a constant hunger for expanding this knowledge. I am sure that next big changes are very soon ahead of me. Not only in business, but also in private life, especially in relationships with other people. Everything starts with a relationship!

And finally, one of the fantastic statements of Jacek Santorski:

“If I am to think of a catastrophe that is always probable, or a miracle that is always probable, then I choose thinking about a miracle and preparing myself for a catastrophe as much as possible.”



June, will be mine!

Think pink – my own, new lipstick.