Daily Savoir-vivre

We mostly associate Savoir-vivre with good manners at the table and knowing which of the cutlery is used for what. Yes, but only?

Direct translation from French says that it is a knowledge of life, which we can interpret as a knowledge of customs, social forms and rules of politeness.

I would like to focus on this politeness and the ability to be.

With a hand on your heart, do we apply Savoir-vivre principles in everyday life? Especially when currently in our beautiful country we hardly ha a good role model. Today, I saw a photo, which shows what kind of respect share people from our top of society, when they greet each other. I felt sorry for it. Of course, I omit any national and cultural differences, which may result in many mishaps, especially diplomatic ones. What is recommended in our country may be unacceptable in another.

I believe that good manners are our duty.

The basis that testifies to our upbringing and personal culture. Respect in business, in private relations, no only simply sattes good about us, but can earn a lot for us. People around us are more friendly, and this in turn influences the improvement of mutual relations and satisfaction of life.

Social status is not important, nor the amount of followers or money that you may have.

To a large extent, what counts is what we took out of home and what kind of people we are. A good education is demonstrated by what we say, our facial expressions, attitude, way of being or acting in specific situations. Kindness, sympathy and respect, it is impossible to buy, we can only earn it. These are the basics that we should not forget about.

On my way, I met different known and valued personalities. Some maybe only known. 😉 After exchanging first few sentences, I know if and if so, how much „soda” the person has already drank. Or does the person has own strong values, and even if one performs in a mainstream TV programs on a daily basis, remains just a good person.

Each of us is an individual and we have the right to own opinion, appearance, religion or orientation.

We may have a different opinion, but at the same time respect for a different approach should be maintained. Let’s try to treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves.

With this text, I would like to thank all the girls (boys also :-)), for honest opinions and conversations in response to my posts and stories on instagram. I get a lot of answers which  express their opinion in the survey.

I highly appreciate that the tool we use is helpful in building a valuable relationship. Mostly we don’t know each other personally, but I feel that you care that the opinion is a real advice, does not hurt, and at the same time does not contain unnecessary ego-making.

Superb! Thank you and I’m glad that I relate with such a good people on Instagram.



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