How to have common passions?

I was surprised by the reaction of a friend who couldn’t believe, that I do go to yoga classes together with my husband, and yet that he may like such feminine entertainment. A typical stereotype that I hate. Nowadays, it is a sign for me of not being able to follow the changing world.

Really, go for yoga classes, and you will be surprised how many guys are there, how they behave and how do they look. Does the man after work have to chop wood, sit in a garage or play “fifa” on the console to be real man!? I don’t believe in the old-fashioned division of duties in a hetero relationship.

Men that I know, drink purge, go to the theater, museums, do dance, practice yoga, take massages, take part in concerts of Tibetan bowls or other rituals. A boy with a vacuum cleaner is just as mucho as with a drill in his hand. The view of a man in the kitchen is a double joy for a woman – through the stomach to the heart 😉

Hard not to mention men who consciously care about their health and body, go to check-up visits to a doctor, sometimes see a beautician or wear anti-varicose men’s knee socks! Yes, there are such and they help solving the health problems of men legs, in the same way as for women, you can find it here click! For me, these are only symptoms of absolutely healthy personality, consciousness, self-confidence and lack of complexes.

Girls, think with whom you want to share life, energy and your willingness to act. You know that you also you don’t become less woman by wearing a motorcycle suit, snowboard, driving a monster with a V6 engine, going with him to the shooting range or ordering a single malt whiskey! Spending time together and doing things that bring you both pleasure, puts you close to each other. It is just about willing to discover such common interests and passions. We’ve recently been together in the motoring museum and I had a great time to. I had my SPA by the way, but I will tell you about it separately 😉

If you want to dance some rumba, never assume that your man will refuse. But if he really doesn’t want to, then maybe you can go to the classes yourself. Maybe it will be a chance to find there a person who will be more than happy to discover new passions with you 😉

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