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A woman – weak, delicate, emotional and at the same time strong, motivated to make her dreams come true. Which of them are stereotypes? Theese were my thoughts during my Sunday tea, on the balcony, about myself and my environment. As you probably guessed, I know fantastic men in who can admit their sensitivity, as well as great women who have achieved quite a success, although they are not made of steel.

There are moments when you are frightened or feel embarrassed when your success draws someone’s attention, or, what is even worse, brings someone’s congratulations. What is your reaction? You try to diminish, minimize its meaning, hide and avoid adimitting that you are really good.

You are affraid that any small misstake can make you look ridiculous. You take all responsibility for any failure. You find yoursefl a reason for it, even though you didn’t have anything to do with it. Well, this is a very good sign, if you are in charge of something more than top of your nose. You can learn and increase strength from these experiences. Did you try to analyze what are you doing, when your success comes? Did is “happen to you”? Or did you just “do it” because you did your great job? Are you wondering why an extremely attractive project was proposed to you? Is it about your seniority, free marital status, mobility, and maybe no one else would want it …

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Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean! Tell me, why do we behave like that?

I remember myself perfectly during my graduation. During the oral exam in mathematics, I was so stressed that after leaving the room I didn’t remember what I was saying. Of course, I was convinced that I failed. When I heard the results, it Was “Joanna – B”. I asked my friend if she heard my result, she repeated “Joanna -B” to which I replied that they must have made a mistake, because it’s impossible and I needed to wait for the final list.

My close friend, she confided to me that she feels a cheater, that she should not be in her position, because she doesn’t know what to answer to people when they ask her about the basics in the company’s system. She thought she had gaps in basic knowledge and felt insecure. Such skills are not useful in her everyday duties, and the processes she manages, require totaly differenr competences from her. Nevetheless her sense of responsibility and the need to know everything overwhelms her. You think she’s stupid, I also told her so, although I know how she feels, I have very similar things myself. I fight it every day.

I have the impression that men have no sense of doubt. There is a good reason to talk about “the fathers of success”. Heard someone about mothers? Only when talking about hope, one would say is “mother of fools” 🙂 Men will not search the reasons for their own failures, because they are convinced they don’t have such – if something didn’t work out, to bad, but only because “someone” screwed up something.

Meanwhile emphasizing our considerable feminine role in society, there is such a nice saying “a wise woman stands behind every man’s success.” But who stands behind the success of a woman …?

I’m sure you know the answer. Just what now? Realizing the situation is just the beginning of the road. Think about it while working on you confidence …

I also promise to better on this 🙂 !!

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