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  • Back to work

    In a few days of break between holidays 😉 I went back to work, to the white collar, heels, trousers and to the obvious in this set of knee socks. Then I remembered that I wanted to share with you my experience of wearing compressing knee socks, in this case 130 DEN. Okay, well, each […]

  • Business look with Veera

    W moim tekście “Pierwszy raz” obiecałam Wam przybliżyć temat związany z próbami rajstop o różnych stopniach ucisku. Wiecie już, że pończochy samonośne Veera sprawdziły się w boju doskonale, ale co było przed nimi?

  • The first time

    I am the kind of person who comes up to all the wonderful products that are designed to make our lives easier with very limited trust. I have never bought any slimming pills, I avoid “light” or “2in1” products.  The more I was not interested in buying preventive or healing pantyhose. First of all, I’m […]

  • Beautiful LEGS

    Do you recall my recent post about tights “Some love, others hate” ?! To my surprise, my request for your suggestion, was taken as a challenge by the brand Veera – Beautiful Legs . At the first moment I was very positively surprised, but after a while I thought to myself that another brand of […]

  • Laser Round II

    I need to share with you promptly, that I have done what I said yesterday. I carried out a second set of laser removal/ brightening of my tattoo. This is not that I do not like tattoos, because opposite I really do like them.