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  • Wedding season

    I’m not a fashion blogger. I do not sacrifice my blog posts to describe my stylizations. Advising on how to dress – I do not do it either…but it doesn’t mean that I do not dress myself 😉 The summer and wedding season is still going on, so I’m tossing my inspiration with great music […]

  • Tony Robbins

    Some of you know that every day I read and watch something developing of a minimum 30 minutes. I believe that this way I am feeding my mind with knowledge, new ideas, interesting stories and strategies that rise in my head to give result at the best moment.

  • Think pink – my own, new lipstick.

    I opened a tastefully packed gift with the “M” logo and read “Create your own lipstick project”. Seriously? Me, and own lipstick design? I know nothing about it. If someone makes me mix the colors, and then use it for my makeup, I will hurt myself. Another gift – a gadget – that will land […]

  • June, will be mine!

    Hi everybody! Here I am, I’m alive, I’m back. Well, yes, I overestimated my strength. I took too many activities on my head and failed the discipline of systematically writing texts on the blog. However, I feel that I am returning to normal, and even more, I have the impression that I am coming stronger.

  • Thrilling task

    Recently I heard that my blog matures and describes more and more serious topics in it. First I was laughing, but actually It was nice. Although in the voice of the person I heard a slight longing for a light text about the so-called “nothing”. This time it will also not be.

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