Apulia – Day 1 – Ostuni

I have an great need to share with you my feelings right away. We decided to spend our first day of stay in the Italian region of Puglia (Apulia) in Ostuni. A charming place located about 80 km away from Bari. Already a few kilometers before you notice that the place is unique. Yet you will see a small white town, placed on a hill.

The place itself is even better. We arrived afternoon so in the time of siesta, and the charming narrow streets were almost completely empty. Every corner romantic corner invites to get lost in it. The central point is the Piazza della Libertà (Liberty Square).

It was not the first time in Italy that we were lucky tourists, because arround 19:00 about 40 gala dressed horsemen filled the square. It was really something for the viewers, but no wonder, the gentlemen looked really beautiful. We learned later that it is Cavalry of St. Oronzo, organized in honor of the patron of Ostuni.

Every year, the parades take place the 25th, 26th and 27th of August. Richly decorated clothes are reportedly passed down from generation to generation. They start in the main square and ride to the statue of Sant’Oronzo at Piazza Italia. The first cavalcade was held in 1803, and we hit it today just like that. Just as before, it was a complete accident we hit the Palio di Siena. We love Italy for such surprises, we love horses to, and we keep getting this rewards here, but that’s a case for separate story.


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