Italian smurf town – Alberobello

My holidays are already gone, but as you might think, it was not only two days in sunny Italy. But I relaxed myself so much that I couldn’t write anything more. I’m sure it would be much more interesting to have this relation fresh, right away, but I hope I can still inspire you with my impressions from the other towns.

Alberobello – was another beauty on out travel bucket list. At the beginning our tactics for the tour was not quite effective. Right after breakfast we packed into a rented car and hit the road. Usually we arrived to our dialy destination around 12:00-02:00 PM and we met an endless siesta, which is total silence. Usually there were some other tourists, but comparing the traffic to the evening hours, after 07:00 PM, I could say there was nobody on the streets 😉 There was no place to drink good wine, or dine (I was not interested in fast food). Then we changed the tactic. Of course we started the dau with breakfast, then spoiled ourselfs at the hotel pool, and after lunch we were on our way. In such an arrangement it was much easier for us to taste regional specialties and to feel the lifestyle of southern Italians.

If you found a sophisticated dream restaurant on a blog or TripAdvisor, and you plan to eat there, don’t take for granted the opening hours given on-line. Italians will open, when they want. If they say from 06:00 PM, maybe you will be lucky, and it will happen. But our experience has shown that it doesn’t make sense to plan your meals before 07:00 PM or even 07:30 PM, but you can try your luck 😉

Returning to Alberobello – the town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to one and a half thousand of preserved unique “smurf” cottage houses called Trulli. In these and neighboring villages people lived in such small rounded houses, with provisionnel roofs. Their residents have come up with such a construction idea in order to avoid high taxes, which would apply to finished homes. Trullo roof, in the shape of a dome made of gray rocks, laid without any glue, provided not only thermal comfort. For example when the tax collector appeared, it was possible to dismantle it partially 😉 or to remove the decorative, usually white tip. I think arranging a holiday stay in such a cottage – hotel must be a great experience, the more that some are renovated very luxuriously.

Alberobello has its fairytale charm. Cute white alleys, terraces with panoramic views of the village, colorful flowers everywhere. You will not find a cottage houses like this in any place in the World, and simply you must see it. But keep in mind that this is a very touristic town. Souvenirs, stalls and lots of people. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you will not find it here, exceptionally even during siesta 😉

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