I am a tall, natural blonde, since some time enjoying my greatest asset, meaning height of 183 cm, and long legs. Making them a spontaneous photo inspired me to set up a different, in my opinion, account on Instagram, later also a blog.

I’m an ordinary but on the other hand remarkable woman, a high 😉 class manager in an international organization. Then “business look” is my king, and high heels are recently my biggest passion. Previously, not always my confidence allowed me to be the tallest in the company. Luckily, with the 2legs2long, I dropped that load of my head.

Privately I am a lover of pets and soul of relations with the close ones. In travel I look for authentic cuisine and local wine. I love to go to the theater for a good comedy or musical. I openly admit that I have a happy life and I really like it. I believe that every person is good by nature, but sometimes the circumstances fail.

I never colored my hair, never smoked cigarettes – I just tried 😉 I believe that it is good to keep the body in the good condition, but I don’t focus only on aesthetics and care. Exaggeration is not good in any area of life, so in order to live in harmony with your body, you just need to listen to it, as it will tell you about the needs.

Life is beautiful, so on the blog I share with you my experiences, thoughts, travels, challenges and large dose of motivation. Why do I not show my face? That was profile concept. Apparently, human imagination can do miracles. What is not completely discovered, is the most intriguing, so I keep focusing mostly on my legs. Of course I have professional reasons as well. But try, maybe someday you’ll convince me otherwise 😉

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Your invited! All best to you!