5 times why I want to be a psychologist

I have heard about the “5 why” method some time ago, but I have never thought about the need to use it for myself. Maybe not everyone has heard about it, so I will try to describe it shortly.

The “5 why” method is a simple tool used to solve problems, search for motives, the purpose of activities, it helps to understand the source of a problem or phenomenon. It does not require specialized skills. Asking the question “why” should lead to analytical thinking and self-identification of the problem. There are of course rules and guidelines that are worth keeping in order not to lead to frustration.

I slept with that and decided to ask myself questions, which will make me return to the motivation of my blog.

I spend my free time to run a blog.

1. Why?

Because it makes me happy, especially when I get messages from people for whom my texts are in some way helpful.

2. Why does it please me?

Because then I know that they identify with my stories and often they find hints for themselves.

3. Why are they identifying with the my stories?Because my stories are real, they come from everyday life. Sharing them also helps me.

4. Why does it help me?

Because I feel responsible to positively influenced the others by conclusions, from the situations that people in my close environment share with me.

5. Why do others share their experiences with me?

Because I am an empathic listener, a good analyst of thoughts and motives, and I earned their trust. I only lack the diploma of a psychologist, which would give me a formal mandate to do what I do.

You can believe it or not, but thanks to this brief analysis I came to the conclusion that I should go to study psychology.

Keep your fingers crossed so that my enthusiasm stays. Then my texts, supported by professional knowledge, will be even more valuable to you.

I can’t wait and I am looking to find the best offer for me. Intentionally, wanting to feel the atmosphere of upcoming adventure, today I took photos in the gardens on the roof of the Library of University of Warsaw 😉

I just wanted to show you that it is worth using this method in private and professional life, in every situation in which you are wondering about the motivation of what you are doing. You don’t have to share your conclusions with anyone else. The most important thing is that you see the sense in action or solve the problem. Be honest, objectively seek a solution instead of trying to blame someone else.

You are the best doctor for yourself with which you could make an appointment.


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