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  • Take your time with a unique person

    We have winter and there is nothing to complain about. We better think about what to do to enjoy this time. Last week the weather challenged us strongly. Cold, dark, wet, so the vitamin D has no chance of being produced.

  • June, will be mine!

    Hi everybody! Here I am, I’m alive, I’m back. Well, yes, I overestimated my strength. I took too many activities on my head and failed the discipline of systematically writing texts on the blog. However, I feel that I am returning to normal, and even more, I have the impression that I am coming stronger.

  • Thrilling task

    Recently I heard that my blog matures and describes more and more serious topics in it. First I was laughing, but actually It was nice. Although in the voice of the person I heard a slight longing for a light text about the so-called “nothing”. This time it will also not be.

  • White mouse

    Here is the story of yesterday. I am in a local gocery store. I don’t like this place, I prefer shop for my grocery with a plan, but if I need something last minute, I have no choice.

  • Happy Student

    I owe you an explanation. I asked you in the text “5 reasons why I want to be a psychologist” for your hints and recommendations on psychological studies.

  • Daily Savoir-vivre

    We mostly associate Savoir-vivre with good manners at the table and knowing which of the cutlery is used for what. Yes, but only?

  • Valentine’s gift

    The love hit me unexpectedly like Cupid’s arrow – yeah, yeah, yeah!  I have already written several texts about being in a relationship. About my approach to caring for it.

  • The diary of a Giraffe – Part 2

    I’ve been the tallest one since I remember. The highest in the family. I was not equal in the class, I was distinguished by the growth in the sports group and at everyother meeting. Luckily, I was born in a family who, instead of mocking me, like most around me, constantly supported me. The closestones […]

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